Author Ralph Ellison and his iconic work, Invisible Man

My name is Calvin ”Cjay” Tukes Jr. I am a sophomore, majoring in history, with a philosophy minor at Northeastern Illinois University. I have a geat interest in history, I do truly believe in the six-degree theory and I feel history is the key to a better future. The things we learn, we usually learn them through trial and error. If there is no historical recorded, it makes it very hard to push forward and better a situation. The Bronzeville area is a prime example of the trials and errors of  history and I plan on exploring this as part of the Bronzeville Neighborhood Research Project.

My research for this project will explore Ralph Ellison and his contribution to the Great Migration. I am interested in how his writings such as the Invisible Man helped mold and change peoples thought. I am also interested in the way his work deals with  themes of black identity. My research will also look at  the pre-Invisible Man stages of Ellison’s life, like his conflict with the communist party and his feelings of betrayal by this party. As a member of the Bronzeville Neighborhood Research Project, I plan to help promote the rich art, music, writing, activism, diversity, beauty, love and passion of the Bronzeville community.